The Awangarda Club is a unique place in a heart of our city where you can experience unforgettable moments – starting from the finest long drinks and alcoholic beverages based on our own syrup recipes and goods, to lavish parties with a unique atmosphere that you’ve never experienced before.

The unique vibe of this place is created by an antique building, once combined with a modern interior. What is more, the 3 storey’s building separates two different turntables setups playing different kinds of music once providing the access to 3 full service bars on each level.

For those of you looking for more intimacy during the party, we provide a fully independent VIP ROOM which accommodates up to 25 people with separate restrooms and a bar.



A long-time resident of the Awangarda Club, better known as Pete Grace- record producer and a DJ playing in the best dance clubs not only in Poland but in many European countries. He’s a participant and the main crowd entertainer during many music festivals such as the Open’er Festival in 2015.

He is best known for playing house, tech house, electro and funk music which he successively presents during club nights showing his creativity and fascination with music.

He’s an expert of club rhythms on a global scale.


Another resident of the Awangarda Club who is known for creating magical music vibes along with DJ Marcus since the opening of the club. Incomparable master of ceremonies and a DJ specializing in the music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s presented in new extraordinary music arrangements.

His incredible talent is well known for the residents of such cities as Inowrocław and Poznań in which he was presenting his music skills for many years.

Being an expert of communication with an audience, he provides unforgettable music experiences while perfectly combining different kinds of music genres.